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KLT Products and Environments

KLT Carbide Co. Ltd., established in 1988, is an international company which specializes in making cemented carbides and hard facing materials. Our products are widely used as highly wear resistant parts, molds for metal products and mining tools, especially mechanical seal rings, bushings, valve parts and nozzles for Oil, Gas industries and other flow control projects.

We are one of the biggest Chinese manufacturers for seal rings and bushings and also provide wear resistant solutions and technical support to customers.

Mechanical Seal Rings
Available in a variety of finishes, sizes and tolerance levels, our range of mechanical seal rings can almost guarantee a perfect installation for your controlled flow.
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To be used for water pump, oil pump and other pump series, especially to be used for high pressure or corrosion resistance condition. Can be working for long time and no abrasion. Can keep operation precision and prolong the operational life span of rolling axletree. Good quality, perfect performance and high dimension.
Machining accuracy of products has high reputation in all over the world. Various types and grades can be supplied as required. Other processing: chamfer, end face R or rectangular radial grooves, pin holes for ex-circle rotation-prevention, oil holes, ex-circle axial rotation-prevention R or rectangular grooves. 
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We can provide Carbide based Nozzles for many different applications. Our slurry nozzles are widely used across the entirety of the Oil Industry and offer excellent durability and reliability in a whole range of installation environments.
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Blank Dies
KLT Carbide offer a wide range of carbide based products and high performance components for your business. Our Blank Dies offer your a superior solution. 
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Valve Parts
Valve parts can be used in float control pumps for il and gas and some other hostile environment. Mediums include gas, water, oil, sand, wax, gum, asphalt etc.
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Composite Rods
Carbide composite rod is made of sintered carbide particles and high strength matrix metal fusion (Cu, Ni and Zn alloy). Widley used for wear resistance and cutting application surfacing of tools used in oil and gas exploration, coal mining, geological excavation, construction industry or a combination of cutting work pieces such as: drilling bits, drill pipe joints, hydraulic cutters, hammer crushers, turbines, planning tools of coal plows, excavator teeth, agitator blades, brick-making machine parts, reamer, scraper blades etc.
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Surface Engineering
Surface Engineering.
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Cemented Carbide Inserts
The cemented carbide inserts we can provide offer multiple applications into multiple environments and industries. For more information on the installation our Cemented Carbide Inserts can offer you, contact us directly or please refer to our brochure below.
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Cutting Inserts and Bars
KLT Carbide provide a wide range of Cutting Inserts and Bars. Each of our products adheres to strict regulations and high quality control.
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